Angel Bear Yoga Pose Deck

A pose a day builds character as you play

Language: English

Instructors: Christi Eley

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Why this course?


A play deck that teachers, parents, and yoga trainers can use anywhere with 3-9 year-olds. Along with yoga poses, each A4 size card contains varied activities that encourage emotional intelligence, creative imagery and time with nature. No yoga experience required.

Course Curriculum


“We’ve been using Angel Bear Yoga as a family since my son was 2 1/2, he’s now 13 years of age. We have done all the books and the cd’s. I highly recommend, he illustrations of Angel bear and Sweetpea are just so bright, sweet and enduring and the stories take you on a peaceful loving journey. Doing Angel Bear yoga poses, and breathing is just delightful as a family and so fun. We do the bedtime stories every night and I have since he was tiny. I do massage and a book then start playing the bedtime stories. The soothing voice of the narrator and the beautiful adventures rocked my son to sleep. I feel like my son has a lot of love and kindness in him and I do think I owe so very much of that to Angel bear yoga. The character-building traits really stuck with my son. I find as he grew, I could pull from Angel bear when I was parenting to teach my son. It was very helpful.I can’t say enough positives, we think it’s just amazing! “

Shelley Raham

Parent of Kaz Raham

“Angel Bear Yoga encourages children to be their very best. True to Yoga’s philosophy, Angel Bear Yoga fosters harmony in the body, mind and environment. Through story & action, Angel Bear Yoga develops children’s self-awareness & shows children how to be kind & compassionate. Angel Bear Yoga has been integral to the success of my Creative Arts business.”

Johanna Coggins

Art & Drama Therapist & Children’s Yoga Instructor. Australia.

“Sharing Angel Bear Yoga is a delight! The program engages children’s imaginations and nurtures kindness and compassion while teaching yoga poses. The teacher training program provided all the materials and guidance I needed to confidently incorporate Angel Bear Yoga into my classes. Thank you, Christi, for creating such a wonderful way to provide young children with techniques that will serve them all their lives, all while having so much fun!”

Jacqueline Demeri

Yoga Instructor

How to use

It’s handy, flexible, and adaptable as per your need and use, or your child’s preferred style. You may group themes weekly, or try repeating different parts during the day. For instance –

  • When your child needs to have some movement, make them do the yoga poses.
  • When you need some quiet time and peace, try doing the breathing exercises or heart affirmations together.
  • When your child is bored, try working on ‘Earning their Wings’.

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